Amazon Review Checker Tools: How to Spot Fake Amazon Reviews

written on 20, February, 27 04:43

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It’s the norm in today’s society to rely heavily on product reviews, and other people’s opinions.

This is largely down to the very nature of our ever-increasing dependency on online shopping.

We can’t see the item in real life, so we seek to find reviews of these items, to provide reassurance that we are making the right decision by choosing to purchase a product online.

However. It would be unwise to take the reviews you find on Amazon’s products at face value. There are instances where listed products may contain fake reviews.

Fake reviews can occur in the following circumstances:

·       Some sellers pay a fee for customers to leave 5***** reviews on their products

·       Sometimes it can be an accident

·       Some sellers try and damage a competitors’ reputation by leaving negative product reviews

Thankfully, there are some really good online tools you can use the verify your Amazon reviews:

1.      AMZ Reviews Tracker

Offering a free trial, AMZ Reviews Tracker monitors in real time and notifies you when a negative review is left on one of your products. Negative reviews are checked daily for your peace of mind.

2.      Fakespot

Fakespot uses trusted algorithms to filter out the fake from the real reviews, as well as the reviewers themselves.

3.      Product Review Monitoring

Product Review Monitoring provide a single resource for collecting reviews for every product found on the Amazon, along with powerful insights and analytics.

We’ve also compiled some tips for you to try and spot the fake reviews in amongst the legitimate ones:

Amazon Review Checker Look for verified purchaser badges

amazon fake review checker Watch out for super banal, samey reviews for the same product

check reviews amazon Beware overtly positive, or negative, feedback

amazon reviews checker Be mindful of reviews with barely any detail

amazon reviews checker Check the dates of the reviews – a lot left on the same date may indicate computer-generated reviews

These aren’t hard and fast rules by any means, but they can help weed out the fake reviews from the trustworthy ones.

Fake and bad reviews can severely impact sales, so it’s imperative to keep on top of them.

What Can You Do if you Spot a Fake Amazon Review?

A couple of things.

Next to the review, you have the option to report the review – like so:

amazon review checker

You can also send an email to [email protected] to report anything you treat as perhaps suspicious with Amazon’s product reviews or listings. This email should include succinct information about the review, and any evidence you may have to prove it is fraudulent.

What is Considered to be a Bad Amazon Review?

A review of someone giving less than 3*** as a rating is considered to be a bad review.

How Common are Fake Amazon Reviews?

Apparently, 33% of consumers believe that Amazon products have fake reviews.

According to FakeSpot, the top categories which fall foul to the most fake reviews are:

·       Consumer Electronics

·       Wireless Headphones and Earbuds

·       Phone Cases and Phone Screen Protectors

·       Phone Charging Cables

·       Smart Watches

·       Third-Party Apple Accessories

·       Beauty/Cosmetics

·       Makeup

·       Anti-ageing creams

·       Adidas and Nike Trainers

·       Supplements and Vitamins

Most Analysed Amazon Products for Fake Reviews

According to FakeSpot, at the time of writing, the top most analysed Amazon products run through their algorithms are:

1.     Fabric Steamers

2.     Zipped Shoe Bags

3.     Computer Card Readers

4.     Headphones

5.     Vacuum Cleaners

6.     Computer Mice

7.     Flash Drives

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Using Reviews to Drive Better Online Business

Of course, as an online Amazon Seller, you are bound to come across genuine reviews that perhaps are not as positive as you would like.

How to Respond to Genuine Negative Amazon Reviews?

Respond quickly to the review in a civil manner.

Always apologise for your customers’ experience. Acknowledge to them that you understand they felt the way they did, and that you are genuinely sorry for making them feel this way.

It’s one thing to look at reviews and react. Tweaking your business model and the customer experience accordingly is another thing altogether.

You want your online selling business to be thought of as sympathetic to your customers’ needs, and that you listen to them, and take action. 

If you’ve noticed common patterns in customer feedback and reviews, you can then take required steps to make change. Failure to do so can lead to a number of outcomes in terms of customer opinions.

You can use these reviews to make better business decisions, and perhaps your overall product listings on Amazon.

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