AMZScout Review – What You Need to Know

written on 20, February, 16 21:33

amz scout x4

For the Amazon Seller who wants to make a profit, the tools they use to sell are everything. Gone are the days where one could do everything manually and use their intuition to decide what products to sell or keywords to use. These days, it is all about having accurate data to make informed decisions due to the massive amount of competition. And AMZScout is the perfect solution for sellers looking to make data-backed decisions.

What Are the Key Features of AMZScout?

AMScout has a number of tools that help Amazon sellers hit the ground running in the market place. While there are many, this review is going to focus on the following:

  • AMZScout Web App
  • AMZScout Pro
  • AMZScout Keyword Tracker
  • AMZScout FBA Calculator
  • AMZScout Stock Stats
  • AMZScout Sales Estimator

Below is a brief description of how each of these tools helps the seller.

AMZScout Web App

The tool that you will likely be using the most with AMZ Scout x4 is the web app. Looking for Amazon Product Research Tool try IO Scout free in 2020. Here you will find the product database, which is where you'll find millions of top-selling products to sort through using 44 advanced filters. The product database is focused on helping you find those niches that have a huge customer base but low competition.

It also has a product tracker, which allows you to further drill down on a product’s earning potential based on historical data. Furthermore, the web app also has a keyword explorer. This will allow you to find high-volume keywords that will increase the chances that your product listings and PPC ad campaigns will perform extremely well.

AMZScout Pro Extension

Say you are on Amazon and you have seen a product that you have a good feeling about. That good feeling can be backed up by data using the AMZScout Chrome extension. Buy installing it, you will get all the useful data you need about a product, whether it is product sales history, monthly sales estimates, average ratings and reviews, FBA fees, estimated profits and more.

And the best part is that you don’t even have to leave Amazon to conduct your research. You can view data about many different products right in the search results.

AMZScout Keyword Tracker

For your product listing to keep being seen by potential buyers when they do a search, it needs to remain at the top of the search results. The type of keywords you put help with this and you need to make sure that your listing is always updated with popular keywords. By tracking the keywords with this tool, you will always know which ones will rank your listing.

AMZScout FBA Calculator

Many sellers eventually sign up for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), and this comes with a its very own fees. The AMZScout FBA calculator is an Amazon extension that allows you to calculate a product’s FBA fees while browsing Amazon. Furthermore, it also gives you the estimated sales volume and profits.

AMZScout Stock Stats

This is an AMZScout extension that allows you to spy on the stock levels of your competitors. By knowing how much stock your competition has left, you can make informed decisions based on when you think they are going to run out. By installing this and heading over to the product page, the extension will give you the stock levels of everyone selling that product at the click on a button.

AMZScout Sales Estimator

Want to see how much sales a particular product will be able to make based on the sales rank? That is what the this sales estimator does. Just pick a category, enter the sales rank and you will get a prediction of the monthly sales.

What Are the AMZScout Pro Pricing Plans?

amzscout free

AMScout has two pricing plans that give you access to every single one of their tools. The first pricing plan is the monthly plan, which will cost you $44.99. But after you have seen what AMZScout can do, you can use AMZScout forever by paying a once-off fee of $199. Many people have gone with the latter option and have found plenty of success.

And you can try AMZScout Pro for free!

Final Thoughts

Before tools like AMZ Scout Pro entered the scene, sellers had to bother with manual research and filling up spreadsheets to analyze incomplete data. Picking a profitable product using that method largely required gut intuition and luck. Now, with the likes of AMZScout on the scene, sellers are primed for success now more than ever.

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