Helium 10 Review

written on 20, March, 03 01:24

In the simplest terms, Helium 10 is a complete suite where you can explore multiple eCommerce tools under one single roof. It helps you step up your selling game while also assisting you in solving and addressing any problems you might incur during the process.

What Is It All About?

When you sign up for this website application, you get the rare chance of checking out and weighing out the pros and cons of some of the best seller tools in line. Almost each of these applications is easy to use, and given the degree of flexibility they offer, you’d get used to them in almost no time!

helium 10 cerebro

The Cost

Now that you have a brief idea about what this software is and what it might help you with, you might be wondering how much you need to shell out to avail the offerings. The good news is, there are many plans to choose from and the overall Helium 10 pricing is extremely competitive. Among the packages, you can choose a free package for a brief taste of what this software might have in store. While you can access most of the features here, the functionalities will be limited. If you want more functions and greater control, opt for their entry-level plan at $97 every month. Again, you can always go for the $197 (monthly) plan if you’re an advanced seller with some basic footing in the market. The final package is available at $397 a month, and while this appears much it will allow you access to a wide range of workshops, networking programs, tools, and more. For the best fit, explore the individual perks of each plan and finally choose the one that suits your taste the most.

What Tools Can I Access?

As you probably know at this point, Helium 10’s app will allow you to access a wide range of features. In this section, we will try to understand them in detail.


This is perhaps the first and the most relevant feature of this software. Thanks to this, you can research on your preferred product across multiple niches in Amazon’s extensive database. Add your required filters and look for the most viable and profitable product from the lot.

Helium 10 Chrome Extension

This feature has almost the same functions as the prior one. The only difference: it acts as a plugin. Use this tweak to your advantage for assessing the sales, overall profits, profitability index and more. We were left quite impressed with this tweak.

Visualizing Sales Potential

You can only drive revenues from your listing when you are confident that it can generate sales. To assist you in this tedious task, the software has rolled out a dedicated function for instantly assessing which item from a specific niche might have steady profits throughout the year.

Keyword Ranking

Yes, as with several other listing research website applications, this one has a special tweak for assessing the keyword rankings of a certain product. This is also one of the best ways to understand the exact keywords targeted by your competitors. Once you identify them and add them to your listing, it will naturally turn out to be more organic. The result: people will get to check your items more conveniently and your sales will conveniently soar.

Misspelled Terms

Very often, buyers end up entering the inaccurate spellings of their desired products. Luckily, you can use these phrases or titles in your listings. Since the competition against these inaccurate phrases is less, you can naturally tap into a major market share. This special feature added by the application will allow you to find out these inaccurately spelled phrases and over time, you can incorporate them to your product description or title for making more money off your listing.

Easy Monitoring

When it comes to marketing on Amazon, your job doesn’t end by signing up for the FBA program. Instead, it begins from there. From exploring the right items, using the most popular key phrases in your listing, or monitoring your existing inventories- the load is immense. Helium 10 tools make this easier for you by adding a special function for monitoring and assessing your sales, product performance and more.


Q. Why use this software?

A. You can use this web application for thorough research on items, picking the right product, targeting common phrases, and more.

Q. Can the features be tested for free?

A. Yes, you can sign up for the application’s free plan to test all your preferred tools for free.

Q. Can I connect this application to my seller account on Amazon?

A. Of course, you can. Just enter your merchant account’s details during the registration to get started with the process.

Q. Will I get accurate results?

A. Yes, you will certainly get authentic and accurate results.

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