Jungle Scout: Top 10 Alternatives

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Even though Jungle Scout is a tested and trusted research tool for most Amazon users, there are however some alternative programs for sellers who are looking to diversify and consider subsidiary options available for Amazon sellers. There are a lot of other options to choose from compared to the Jungle Scout tool, and this review highlights the top 10 alternatives to Jungle Scout as:

·            IO Scout

·            Helium 10

·            AmazeOwl

·            Jump Send

·            Unicorn Smasher

·            Viral launch

·            Keepa

·            CamelCamelCamel

·            Sellics

·            Sonar

It is important to note that only two of these similar products are free alternatives to Jungle Scout. These free alternatives are the Unicorn Smasher and CamelCamelCamel programs.

IO Scout

The IO Scout tool is the multi-faceted tool that provides everything an Amazon merchant needs to rely upon, from keyword research tools to FBA pricing and customer review tracking. The IO Scout tool bases its go-getter on some key principles such as:

  • The inspiration of Amazon sellers with regard to web and retail exchange.
  • Top-notch data accuracy.
  • With a single account, you can link up with other analysts who will work together with you to achieve a common goal.


When it comes to automating Amazon emails and competent coupon distribution, the best tool is unarguably JumpSend. IO Scout Tool for your business. It helps Amazon sellers by boosting the levels of organic reviews through automated email campaigns thereby increasing their sales.

Jump Send boasts of many automated tools that are meant to streamline ways in which a seller can control the kind of information received by their buyers whenever a certain call to action in the selling process has been completed.

Viral Launch 

The core of the Viral Launch software is based on better visibility and automation on Amazon. The software hosts a number of tools that are indispensable to discovering profitable Amazon products. Its key features like the Amazon Product Research and Listing Optimization tools together with a host of all others make it the all-round complete package. Even better, it has a free trial period so potential users can test out all of these features for suitability and adequacy to needs.

  Helium 10 

similar to jungle scout

Helium 10 is another great alternative to Jungle Scout that boasts of having Insanely Powerful Software Tools for Amazon Sellers. Its features include the Blackbox (magic mirror for in-depth product research), Xray (Web Browser Extensions), Scribbles (Listing Optimizer), Cerebro, Refund Genie, etc. Along with the all-inclusive tools this package provides for the Amazon seller, it also hosts an enthusiast-friendly and highly creative interface for the potential user. Although the free-trial plan of this software has its limits, it provides a basic feel of the platform to the potential user.

Unicorn Smasher

jungle scout free alternative

Unicorn Smasher is an easy and completely free tool to use, and the program provides an inside exposure into product prices, ranking systems and reviews, estimated sales, etc. Unicorn Smasher gives a total smash into the Amazon market by analyzing the entire web store, letting you know what products or items would help you dominate the market.


jungle scout free alternatives

AmazeOwl is especially perfect for sellers taking their first steps into the eCommerce industry, particularly on Amazon. AmazeOwl helps its users to search for ideas easily by identifying products with a high level of potential swiftly by just scrolling through the Amazon web store. AmazeOwl also offers its users the accurate data and metrics needed and provides suggestions into what kind of images to use, the number of reviews needed and the right FBA pricing needed to take your product sales through the roof!

Keepa Review

similar to jungle scout

Keepa is another paid Jungle Scout alternative. It is the ultimate Amazon price tracker that helps its users make the best decisions with regard to the Amazon business venture. Although most of the program’s services can be accessed free of charge, users have to pay a £15 fee monthly to unlock all of the program’s features. Its user interface easily highlights those factors that influence particular product sales and provides all the information an Amazon seller might need at just one glance.


jungle scout free alternatives

CamelCamelCamel is a typical swing away from the Jungle Scout tool. This program is in high demand by eCommerce enthusiasts as it tracks product prices and discounts on Amazon, and is available in practically all Amazon-affiliated countries compared to other programs which are only available for UK and US shoppers. CamelCamelCamel provides an avenue to create RSS feeds for individual products or all the products being tracked. With a chart showing price history as far back as a year before, CamelCamelCamel helps both the buyer and seller in researching a product and determining a reasonably priced amount for your price watch and competitive pricing.


alternative to jungle scout web app

Sellics is a powerful tool that encompasses all that you need to be an Amazon top seller. This package is amazing because of the variety of systematic tools available for every Amazon seller to make awesome profit returns on Seller Central.


  jungle scout free alternatives

Sonar is the free Keyword Research Tool from Sellics. This program utilizes Keyword Optimization from the Amazon web store with its internal algorithm software. On Sellics Sonar, keyword searches are taken directly from customer queries on Amazon and stored on the program’s database for use by Sellics subscribers. Competitor keywords are also recognized and identified through the Reverse ASIN software, with its PPC label distinguishing the keywords which the competitor is utilizing for their Amazon ads.


While alternatives to Jungle Scout have been highlighted above, the Amazon merchant must know that there is no single route to success. It is important as an Amazon seller looking to make a career out of eCommerce to identify those tools that he is best comfortable with. Another point to note is to make sure that whatever program intended for use must fully comply with Amazon’s terms of service. It’s not just about the cost of subscription plans and free trials, working smart is important too.

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