What to sell on Amazon - Finding profitable products

written on 20, February, 20 22:03

Finding the right product - this is what all Amazon sellers wish for. Amazon has been around a long time and is now the most giant whale in the ocean of online shops. You, your company, have a chance to grab a piece of this enormous deal and pocket some money. For this, you must do your research and find the best items to sell on Amazon.

best product to sell on amazon

Which are the top-selling categories on Amazon?

In general, the best selling categories cover things people use every day, and if you take a look at the best-sellers of the day, you might find stuff like alkaline batteries, toilet paper, trash can bags. And of course, more expensive things like Apple AirPods or Samsung Chromebook.

However, there are categories that always have some gaps for you to explore; these are Health & Beauty, Toys, Electronics (small items are better), Jewelry, and accessories. 

Finding the best products to make a profit from on Amazon - 4 Steps

You could quickly launch your business if you have a great idea, a delicate product, and some capital to start with. Here are the four most important steps:

  1. Have a plan : never start a business without a strong plan. You have to have a product in your mind, one which you are knowledgeable about. Tools like IOScout , Jungle Scout , or Helium 10 can help you with that.
  2. Research that idea : use some of the known product research applications to find the perfect product that has a profitable price-tag, low to medium competition, easy to source, and is in demand.
  3. Research the keywords : use both A9 and Google keywords research tools to find out what people enter in relation to your product. Try to find the most profitable and volatile keywords while you might consider checking related FAQs too.
  4. S ource and label your product : when everything is ready, you have to get the product, put your label on it, and sell. To sell, you might choose to use FBA or FBM methods, and if you have the time, the second one may prove to be more profitable.

Sourcing the products to sell on Amazon

There are numerous ways to get the outcome you researched and want to sell, apart from manufacturing it yourself.

  1. Wholesale : if you are in the US, you might consider checking your area’s wholesale market. It’s a faster and easier method to source your product than ordering from the other end of the Earth.
  2. Alibaba and similar sites: with negotiable prices and large amounts of products to be ordered, this website is a must-try solution to get customizable products from China or even from the US.
  3. eBay : eBay has a lot of vendors with large amounts of products.

Final Thoughts

To have a successful Amazon business, you have to spend time finding out the answer to the question: What can I sell on Amazon? When you have the answer, find a supplier, or create your inventory and start your business.


How is successful selling on Amazon?

It depends on you, your product, and the effort you put into it. If you have things to sell on Amazon, you should go for it, because it is the largest e-retail shop in the globe.

How much can Amazon sellers make?

It is something everyone has an opinion about. Let’s look at the facts: the competition is a killer at Amazon. You can’t just jump to the top and make millions after a month. We have seen real success stories, and we’ve seen many fake claims of six-seven figures incomes. There is a chance you’ll make only a few hundred bucks a month, but you might even reach a five-figure income. This depends on the product, the strategy, and the effort.

What does it cost to sell on Amazon?

Selling on Amazon isn’t free. Amazon takes a referral fee of a minimum of $0.30 per item (actual rate depends on product category and prices), and Individual sellers have to say goodbye to $0.99 per item. Professionals pay a monthly fee of $39.99, while FBA vendors have to pay for the fulfillment services, such as storage, shipping, etc. In general, about $5 cost per item is what it costs to sell on Amazon.

What is the most sold item on Amazon?

Every category has a best seller. As of today, for example, the most trending Book on Amazon is the “The Mamba Mentality: How I Play by Kobe Bryant.” And why? Probably because many people looked up Kobe Bryant due to his unexpected passing. In the cell phones and accessories category, the Apple AirPods with charger is the best selling item.

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